52 Weeks Of Dee's Life

Dee's photo challenge

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image At 4:38 am, the world seems pretty still. Looking out the window, there is a full moon, some twinkling lights, and a few cars whizz by. A “wow” moment when I notice the moon and I grab my iPad and take a picture or two (am WAY behind in posting!) Things seem normal. And then I turn around and realize how distorted my world has become in the past 20 hours. The view is not outside my window,at home (I’d like to think my windows are cleaner), but from the second floor of the ICU. And while things are quiet on the outside, it is a whirlwind of activity inside. I guess the staff got bored of being by themselves and decided to interact with those who should still be sleeping at this time of day–the patients! So happily they walk in, wheeling in their computers, turning on the lights, changing out the IV, giving you morphine (disclosure–I am not the patient, but based upon the numerous papers I have signed in the last few hours, I now hold the title of the patient’s authorized representative—in reality, the daughter–so why can’t I share in the meds). They ask if you have gotten any rest-after all it’s been four hours since this particular nurse stopped by. In the interim, the vampires descended upon us at 1:30 for four tubes of blood, then someone came in to touch all the IV tubes, then someone started snoring ( not me?!), then another blanket was needed (why are these rooms sooooo cold) and that brings us to 4:38am, where I look out the window, and things aren’t as quiet as they seem. And as I fight back a few tears, I say a prayer that this is a view I won’t be looking at for too long.


Black and white


So leave it to me to start with the end in mind—selecting one of the alternate topics–black and white.  Meet Lucy–two days away from being gassed—-having spent most of her life on the streets, being a scrappy dog… used to fighting for her food and surrendering to the will and wicked ways of larger dogs…what a life!

And then one day, she looks into someone’s eyes– a kindred spirit of sorts and she is whisked away to a life of cuddling, snuggling and never having to worry about the necessities of life.  And life is no longer bad or good, black or white, but wonderful shades of grey..hmm…and now she is contemplating writing her own shades of grey book!

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I will be stepping out of my comfort zone, with my ipad/iphone in hand, capturing a different view of our world each week.  I will be attempting to publish one photo each week based upon one of 52 pre-determined themes.  Since this is new for me, I invite you to join me so I am not doing this alone!  Stay tuned as this photographic adventure soon begins!